“Want to spend time bonding with your baby and learn how to help them to relax?”

Join my next online 5 week baby massage course for babies with an extra chromosome on the 26th January at 10am. 


When I did baby massage I found it the one activity where I could relax

And I got to talk to other Mums. I realised that at the class we were all in the same boat because our babies had one extra thing in common. They all had Down Syndrome.

Apart from that we were just like typical Mums. We were first time Mums, second time Mums, all needing to chat about the things we had in common, breast feeding, feeding, sleep. We probably had hospital appointments as an added thing in common! Sound familiar? 

That's what I loved about Baby Massage. We enjoyed the relaxing time but we also got to talk.

That's so important for me in my online classes. To hold space for Mums.

Yes please! Tell me more

Baby Massage promotes nurturing touch, so that babies feel loved, valued and respected.

You will learn how to massage and soothe your baby and meet other new mums in a relaxed environment.

Baby massage can help:

  • Improve sleep patterns
  • Increase weight gain
  • Relieve wind and colic
  • Muscle tone.

Want to come along and enjoy a relaxing class outside the usual schedule?

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In our 5 week course we'll start with a moment for you and then enjoy relaxing and bonding with baby.


Sound good to you?

I will cover : 

  • A relaxation technique for Mums.
  • We'll chat and find out how things are going? Mum to mum support is so important.
  • Each week I'll teach new massage strokes. We'll start with the legs and build each week until we do the full body massage.
  • I'll have tips and trick to share with you like , advise on the best time of day to do baby massage.
  • Show you how to do the Gentle Movements fun exercises with your baby.
  • Demonstrate the Colic Routine.
  • I also have a Private Facebook Group for Mums.
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Hi I'm Elaine,

I loved my baby massage class with my daughter.

My little Siofra has Down Syndrome. At the class we were all in the same boat. But like Mums of typical children we were different too.

There were first time mums, second time Mums, all needing to chat about the things we had in common, breast feeding, feeding, sleep, or the lack of it! And of course hospital appointments.

You might be the same, wanting to tell your story, to hear other women’s stories. You need support. You need empathy. You need to hear it's not just you.

When I realised that I wasn’t going back to work in advertising after my maternity leave…

I thought of how much I enjoyed my course of Baby Massage. How supported I felt, how relaxing it was. I realised that it would be a wonderful addition to all the ways that I could help families. So I'm really looking forwards to meeting you when you book my class.


xx Elaine

Certified Yoga Teacher, Prenatal Yoga Teacher, Certified Infant Massage Instructor.

What makes my class different?

 I am really passionate about supporting women.  I've been there. I've gone through pregnancy and its highs and lows. I've birthed my baby. I've gone to baby massage as an attendee. And my little one has Down Syndrome. So I get it. I want to share my experience to support others.



"The baby massage classes were relaxing, informative. It was great to meet other mom's and perfect mommy and baby time."


"A very relaxing class. Learn at your own pace. Really nice to do with with your baby."



"I liked the staged approach where we revisited what we learned the previous week allowing us time to build on techniques."