Imagine feeling

Relaxed, happy and more connected

To reset the every day stresses of life.

It is possible. 

I offer courses that gives people the opportunity to hit the reset button. To feel confident in their bodies and minds. 

I do this by offering you a sustainable yoga practise.

I also specialise in preparing pregnant people for birth and beyond.

My message is - look after yourself. You deserve to be kind to yourself.

Tell me more

Hi I'm Elaine

I am a Yoga Teacher and Certified Infant Massage Instructor. 

My mission is to empower people to feel confident and calm in their bodies. To help us all reset our daily postural habits with movement that feels good.

I'm particularly passionate about helping busy parents to enjoy a small amount of Me-Time. Because we deserve it! 

I draw on my own life experience and sense of humour as a teacher and coach.

I currently live in Dublin, Ireland with my husband and beautiful 4 year old daughter who has Down Syndrome.

Self paced online classes

Prepare for a positive birth when the time is right for you. 

Live online classes

Join a live yoga class and get information that's tailored for you. 

Be part of a community

Talk to other people and share your experiences in a safe space.

Join my Me-Time Challenge

Take 15 minutes a day just for you. Try out my breathing exercises, meditations and yoga pose to give you that head-space you deserve.

I want you to feel more confident about birth and parenting. So I provide uplifting, supportive classes and fun yoga courses. Yoga and baby massage helped me. I want to share that positive feeling with you.

I want you to feel heard. I’ve been through fertility treatment and pregnancy. I have a beautiful daughter who has additional needs. And I’m starting my journey into Menopause. So I get it. 

I deeply understand why you might need extra support right now. But I know you probably also want to have a sense of humour about it all.

That's why I use my experience, my passion for yoga and the joy of nurturing touch through baby massage to help make you journey a little easier.

I provide online courses and live online classes to teach yoga, birth preparation and infant massage.

Make your wellbeing a priority... even when life gets busy...

Yoga membership for Parents.

 Join my yoga membership and enjoy access to live online yoga classes, and a video vault of pre-recorded classes.

Next Six Month Registration opens on the 16th February

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Prenatal Yoga

Join my Pregnancy Yoga 6 week course

A live course and vault of prenatal classes with some amazing bonus courses. 

Get more space back in your body and mind.

Open for booking until the 10th March.

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