“Want to create a birth plan, but don't know where to start?”

I've created a birth plan guide that allows you to think about everything to do with birth in a positive way so that you can start thinking about your choices and get ready to discuss them with your care provider.


How do you want to feel when you think about birthing your baby?

When it comes to putting together your birth wishes, are you throwing yourself headlong into an ocean of information, classes and groups; or are you in full-on denial mode? 

Maybe you go from one to the other!

The good news is that you can increase the chance of having a positive birth experience.  I can help. Would you like to find out more?

Yes please! Tell me more

This is for pregnant people who want to feel more confident about birth.

The first step to feeling more positive nd confident about birth is to stop watching reality TV shows about birth.  They only show the dramatic over the top births.

A really simple way to improve your birthing experience is to prepare for birth.

You can start by putting your birth wishes together and discuss them with your partner and your care provider. 

In my Birth Plan Guide and Workbook you can fill it out on your own or with your partner.

You just need 15 to 20 minutes a day to go through each of the six modules. And of course you can spend more time if you want. It's totally up to you.

Imagine setting aside just 15 minutes a day to get prepared to birth your baby.

Setting aside that time to think about how you want to feel as you birth your little one.

Thinking about how you can prepare the space you are going to birth your baby in.

Considering what birth interventions you might need or not.

Thinking about what you might need help with and how to get what you need.

Preparing for the moments after baby has been born. Something few of us think about. 

Realising that you don't need to either research everything or be denial because you feel supported and positive about birth.

That sounds great. What's included?

Birth Plan Guide and Workbook

A 15 minute a day workbook to help you to prepare a Birth Plan to get ready to birth your baby.


Video number 1: Introducing the Birth Plan Guide and Workbook (15 minutes)

I'll explain why using a birth plan  can help make you feel more prepared and in control for when you birth your baby.

How feeling prepared can give you confidence and help you feel calm.

What we'll talk about: 

  • How you would like to feel
  • What you could do to prepare your environment when you birth your baby. 
  • How to discuss birth interventions with your care provider
  • What you might need help with
  • During birth
  • After Baby is Born

Printable Download : Birth Plan Guide and Workbook (6 modules)

The printable guide and workbook provides space to think about how you feel about birth. It also includes practical checklists that you can either tick off yourself or print out and go through with your partner and your care provider.

I've included:

  • Introduction to Birth Plans and how to use them. 
  • Space to set your birth intentions
  • Checklists for each step of the plan.


Plus for a Limited Time you'll get these extras:

I know that it's not just planning that helps. But that it's creating a feeling of confidence and positivity around you. So I had to give you more tools that are useful for giving the mind confidence and direction.
  • access to 10 of pre-recorded live zoom pregnancy yoga classes
  • the 10 live recorded audio meditations from those classes!
  • For an entire year.
  • Private Facebook Group for support.
Tell me how much it costs

By the end of this workbook
you’ll have:

  • Decided how you want to feel during birth and how to manage that.
  • A plan for how to make the most of your environment to birth your baby.
  • Thought about different birth interventions and have a starting point to research them.
  • Explored what you need help with and how to ask for that
  • Considered your wishes for during the birth of your child
  • Started to think about your wishes for after baby is born.
  • Got a guide in your hands that you can share with your care provider or print a separate copy and use it to open a discussion about birth wishes.
  • Realise that you have a plan for birth and you know more now than you did before.

Being prepared for birth increases your chances of a positive birth experience.

I've put together a guide and workbook that will bring you through lots of different aspects of birth. 
This printable will give you the tools that you need to talk to your care provider about your wishes. This is a great step forward to give you the opportunity to have a positive birth experience.
And I've given you access to 10 pre-recorded prenatal yoga classes!
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Hi I'm Elaine,

I'm incredibly passionate about teaching prenatal yoga. But yoga isn't enough.

I created this birth plan for two reasons. 


The first reason is that I didn't have a written plan. It was a year later that I realised the value that other women had experienced from taking their placenta home. Or the benefits of cord blood banking. Both of those options were available to me. I didn't know that they were. I wish that I had.

The second reason is that I know, from research and studies for example:

  • Wagner M, Gunning S. Creating your birth plan: The definitive guide to safe and empowering birth. 2006 New York: Perigee Books. [Google Scholar]

that women who prepare for the birth of their baby have a higher chance of a positive birth experience.

I want more people to feel empowered and confident when they give birth. It is such a precious moment when a pregnant person meets their baby and meets themselves as a parent. 

Anything that I can do to help people to feel less anxious and more positive about that moment, makes me feel really good. 


xx Elaine

Certified Yoga Teacher, Prenatal Yoga Teacher, Certified Infant Massage Instructor.


I have practised yoga for over twenty years. It has given me great comfort in times of stress and need.  I have studied and trained as a yoga teacher. I really passionate about supporting women.  So I especially trained as prenatal yoga teacher. And I've been there. I've gone through pregnancy and its highs and lows. I've birthed my baby and I want to share my experience to support others.



"Elaine is a breath of fresh air. So positive. The breathing practise really helped me get through birth."


"I felt very relaxed and after doing the course I felt I had more energy."



"I can't thank you enough for all the support and guidance. It made me feel better when the whole thing seemed too much."