“Want to feel confident when you think about giving birth?”

I've created the Empowered Birth Online Course to give you all the support you will need to prepare for birth when you will meet your little one.

And you don't even have to leave the house.

As part of the course you will gain access to the Breathing for Birth Programme that shares breathing techniques, Guided meditations, a Birth Plan Guide and Workbook and a vault of Pregnancy Yoga Classes so that you can strengthen your body and get ready for the birth experience you want.

How do you want to feel when you think about birthing your baby?

Pregnancy and birth is a huge transition for your body and mind, so being fit mentally and physically is important.

Are you throwing yourself headlong into an ocean of information, classes and groups; or are you in full-on denial mode? 

Maybe you go from one to the other!

The good news is that you can increase the chance of having a positive birth experience.  I can help. Would you like to find out more?

Yes please! Tell me more

Do you want to feel more confident about birthing your baby? 

You can have a positive birth experience. It’s within your control. There are four things you can do to increase the chances of a positive outcome.
  1. PREPARE, think about what you want. How do you want to give birth, who do you want in the room with you, where do you want to give birth, do you want pain relief, what do you want to happen with the cord, do you want to keep the placenta. 
  2. KEEP MOVING, exercise or prenatal classes or simple walking every day will keep you fit. Birthing your baby is a physical experience and it’s good to be prepared for that.
  3. DEEP BREATHING, helps us to feel calmer which in turn helps our body to produce those endorphins that are our natural pain relief. 
  4. POSITIVITY, Surround yourself with positive people. Switch off reality TV. Seek out information about positive birth stories. 
You are strong enough to birth your baby. Your body is capable of birthing your baby. And your baby knows how to come into the world.
Sound good? I've got everything you need.


Imagine having everything you need to prepare to birth your baby. 

A vault of pregnancy yoga class where you can practise yoga that will help alleviate any pregnancy symptoms that you are experiencing. Where you can learn how to move and help your body to birth your baby.

And a Breathing for Birth Course so you can learn how to find space in your body to breathe more easily.

Enjoy meditations created especially for pregnancy and birth.

Using these breathing and mindfulness practises to support you in your pregnancy and birth.

Knowing that when you are birthing your baby you have tools to keep you calm and focused, no matter how you give birth.

Having a Birth Plan that you can use to set your birth intentions so you can prepare your mind and body for birth.

Deciding that you don't need to either research everything or be denial because you feel supported and positive about birth.

That sounds great. Tell me more.

Empowered Birth Online Course

An entire package of support to help you feel calm and strong during pregnancy and when you are birthing your baby.


A vault of over 40 pregnancy yoga classes that were recorded live with Elaine Walsh -McGrath. 

In these videos, which were recorded live, I talk about any pregnancy symptoms that may need a suggested exercise in class.

The class is created with pregnancy in mind. It is suitable for beginners. T

The focus is helping you to feel good in your body now and to prepare you for birth.

To help you to switch off.

The most reported feedback is a good night's sleep.

Breathing for Birth Course. Which includes four videos:

  • A Breathing for Birth Workshop on why and how breathing can help you experience a calmer birth.
  • Three Part Breath for birth. Which includes video (15 minutes), script and audio example (15 minutes) of how to use three part breath during pregnancy to get more space in your body as baby starts to grow. And this breath may also help keep you calm during the first stage of birth. 
  • The most powerful meditation techniques that every mother should know. Five audio meditations created especially for pregnancy and birth.
  • J-Breathing for Active Labour.
  • And so much more! There are lots of bonus materials.

Birth Plan Guide & Workbook

The Birth Plan Guide and Workbook printable PDF is 42 pages and includes six modules on:
  • How you would like to feel
  • What you could do to prepare your environment when you birth your baby.
  • How to discuss birth interventions with your care provider
  • What you might need help with
  • During birth
  • After Baby is Born

There is a supporting video of my Birth Plan Workshop.

And a video vaults of ten prerecorded prenatal classes and ten meditations created especially for pregnancy.

Plus until the 30th of September you'll get these extras:

I know that creating a feeling of confidence and positivity around you is so important to allow you to enjoy the birth you want. So I had to give you more tools that are useful for giving the mind confidence and direction.
  • 15 minute recorded audio of Birth Affirmations.
  • 3 page illustrated printable with 16 Birth Affirmations.
  • 5 Page Labyrinth Printable with instructions and an illustrated labyrinth to use during birth.
  • 7 minute recorded  Labyrinth audio .
  • 10 page Me Time Habit tracker to help you to make space in your life for some time that's just for you before you become a parent.
  • A 42 week pregnancy planner to get you the whole way through pregnancy and birth. With notes about how baby is growing and how your body is changing and reminders for you to set time aside for you.
  • Private Facebook Group for support.
Tell me how much it costs

When you are ready to birth your baby,
you’ll be able to:

  • Use your breath to how to stay calm and focused.
  • Know how to calm yourself when you feel under pressure.
  • Use a deep breathing practise to support you in pregnancy and first stage of labour.
  • Enjoy different guided meditations, created especially for birth. 
  • Use your breath to breathe baby down in the active stage of your birth experience.
  • Have tools that you can use to get through each stage of birthing your baby.
  • Have time set aside for yourself. A great habit to create during pregnancy and continue when you have your baby.

The most important thing you can do before you birth your baby is learn to breathe in a way that helps you to stay calm.

Set aside time for you to get ready to birth your baby on your terms, within your timetable.  The Birth Plan and the Breathing for Birth Course is tailored to give you the support you need to create a positive birth experience.
I will give you the tools that you need to connect to your breathing and use you mind to give you the opportunity to have a positive birth experience.
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  • A Vault of Pregnancy Yoga classes (Valued at €240)
  • Playback of Weekly Yoga Classes with the Audio of the Weekly Meditation (Valued at €120)
  • Pregnancy Video Vault of pre-recorded classes (Valued at €240)
  • Breathing for Birth Course (Valued at €147)
  • Birth Affirmations (Valued at €17)
  • The Labyrinth Printable (Valued at €10)
  • Me-Time Habit Tracker (Valued at €10)
  • Pregnancy Planner (Valued at €17)
  • Birth Plan Guide and Workbook course and printable PDF (Valued at €127)
  • Private Mum only Facebook Group (Priceless)

Total Value = €928

Monthly Subscription = €29.99!

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Hi I'm Elaine,

I'm incredibly passionate about teaching prenatal yoga. But yoga isn't enough.

I created this package of support for two  reasons. 

The first reason is I remember when I was too tired  to attend my prenatal yoga class. Even though I loved it. So I know that sometimes you need a different option. Something that you can do at lunchtime or in the evening. Something that is easy to schedule and easy to follow.

The second reason is that all the women in my classes rave about the breathing techniques after they have birthed their baby. They all end up having different births, some natural, some with medical intervention, some elective caesareans. But they all mention how much the breathing helped them to stay calm and that the guided meditations helped them to feel empowered and confident.

I want more women to feel empowered and confident when they give birth.To feel more informed and in control. It is such a precious moment when a pregnant person meets their baby and meets themselves as a parent.  I hope I can help.

xx Elaine

Certified Yoga Teacher, Prenatal Yoga Teacher, Certified Infant Massage Instructor.


I have practised yoga for over twenty years. It has given me great comfort in times of stress and need.  I have studied and trained as a yoga teacher. I really passionate about supporting women.  So I especially trained as prenatal yoga teacher. 



"Elaine is a breath of fresh air. So positive. The breathing practise really helped me get through birth."


"I felt very relaxed and after doing the course I felt I had more energy."



"Thank you so much for all the tips and advice."