“Want to get some Me-Time outside the constant juggling of being a  parent ?”

Join my online yoga membership. I'll share breathing techniques, guided meditations, and yoga poses to reset your posture.

You can make time for yourself. (without having to go anywhere or even change your clothes, unless you love wearing yoga pants!)

Do you want to have more headspace and time dedicated to feeling good?

Imagine how you would feel if you could reset your body after a busy day.  To learn how to switch off. 

Juggling everything and looking after everyone else can be exhausting. Sometimes you need to pause and hit the reset button.

Since I had Síofra I've been so glad of my love for yoga.  It has helped me to pause when I needed to. To be mindful. To become more aware of myself.

I want to be able to move with ease as I grow older. To unravel after a day of sitting at the desk.

And now I get to share that with you.

Sound good?

Yes please! Tell me more

This is for parents who want to get some headspace.

In my live classes you will learn how to use the shortest amount of time that you have available to you to feel better in your body and mind. I share tips on how to unravel and reset your posture. In my yoga membership you will get:

  • 1 hour live classes that are available as a replay.
  • A video vault of yoga classes.
  • Recorded Guided Meditations.

I'm going to make the program flexible to suit your needs. So you can tell me that you need to focus on opening your shoulders tonight... or your hips and I'll work it into our class.

Imagine setting aside the time you have available to you. And whatever that is you'll feel better afterwards.

Setting aside that time for yourself to feel better in your mind and body.

Getting a chance to reset your posture from day to day living.

Enjoying a moment for yourself on the mat to give yourself what you need. 

Allowing yourself to move as much as you want or to close your eyes and be still.

Enjoying a class that is available for your when you need it.

Sleeping better - my most commented feedback!

Yoga and Meditation Membership

For busy parents who want to get some me-time.

Enjoy a weekly live yoga class. Or watch it on playback.

We will work on unwinding our bodies each week. There will be a mixture of flexibility and strength work to give your body what it needs to feel good.

I will show you different relaxation techniques that can help you to calm yourself in those moments where we need to switch off.

Each week I will add the playback of our class.

And know that I don't take myself too seriously. So we will have fun.




The yoga membership welcomes all abilities.


You can be a beginner to yoga.

You are welcome if you (like me) struggle to switch your brain off.

You can be as flexible as a rubber band or as stiff as a poker. 

You will need to practise on a non slip surface.

Have a few blankets and cushions nearby for the relaxation part of the live class.

And wear comfy layered clothes.

Have a drink of water nearby.


I will show you how to unwind. We will enjoy putting our wellbeing first without even leaving the house!


Sound good to you?

When you join my Yoga and Meditation membership for busy parents you will get:

  • A live 1 hour online yoga class each week on Tuesday at 8pm. There will be a playback available. (Worth €50 a month)
  • Video vault of pre-recorded classes, in the members area. (Worth €50 a month)

  • Me Time Habit Tracker to help you to put time aside for yourself. (Worth €17)
  • Recorded mediations and mindfulness challenge videos with workbook to follow. (Worth €40)


For only €40 a month for six months

* The membership is available to buy until the 22nd April 2022.

Click here to book.

Hi I'm Elaine,

I'm a yoga teacher and infant massage instructor.

After I had my daughter and stretched my maternity leave out I realised I wasn't going back to my old job. I had practised yoga for many years and I decided to deepen my practise by becoming a teacher.

Siofra inspired the change. She has Down Syndrome. At a mum and baby yoga class the teacher told me that yoga could help Síofra with her muscle tone issues. That planted the seed to try something new. I started my training as a kids yoga teacher and went from there. I am a fully qualified yoga teacher, prenatal yoga teacher and kids yoga teacher!

When Covid hit I started to teach online. I loved it. It gave me so much more freedom.

I know that many more people want to take online classes so they can set aside time for themselves when their kids are in bed.

I hope that sounds good to you.

I'm really looking forwards to meeting you when you join my membership.

xx Elaine

Certified Yoga Teacher, Prenatal Yoga Teacher, Certified Infant Massage Instructor.